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Special printed circuit boards and development

Your project requires a special design?
Our solution: a specific development.

Our technical strengths

  • Competent teams who are ready for your challenges!
  • The Cimulec Group has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing a wide range of printed circuit boards (multilayer, sequentially, flex-rigid, HDI, high frequency...).
  • The perfect mastery of our processes as well as a fondness for technical challenges allow us to offer you innovative and industrial solutions.
  • Modern and versatile means of production.
  • A quality system guarantees a perfect reproducibility.
Signal outputs

Application types

  • Mixed printed circuit boards
  • HDI flex-rigid
  • Printed circuit boards with external forces on different levels.
Picture on 2 different planes
Cavities in rigid flex

Principles to keep in mind

  • It is important to work closely together (developer and producer).
  • Perfect knowledge of requirements and restrictions lead us to an original and reliable solution.
Circuit with opening in the thickness
Metallic cavities