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To support its customers with the most innovative products , the Cimulec group participates in numerous French and European projects.

The company is currently a leader in many areas, such as:

  • The digital simulation of the aging process of PCBs,
  • The integration of hidden resistors (for already more than 10 years patented),
  • High frequency applications in hostile environments (aerospace).

The Cimulec group is advancing its will to innovate. The company is a founding member of the association MEREDIT , - see

whose aim is to strengthen the competitiveness and attractiveness of the French PCBs manufacturer, through:

  • The centralization of industrialization efforts through the establishment of a common centre of industrialization,
  • Strengthening the competitiveness of French companies, guaranteeing the sustainability of the sector, in particular to ensure the independence of the national market regarding the aviation and aerospace sector, and thus to contribute to the saving of the French PCB industry.